2.) Is This The Way It’s Suposed To Feel?

It snowed today. That sentence alone isn’t all that interesting but this next one will spice things up. It’s April 6th. I suppose that’s what I get for living in this area. I think I could count the sunny days we get a year on my two hands. Everything is cold and tense; I feel it in everyone’s expression. The day felt like it took an eternity to end and I feel so unmotivated and drained. Spring break is in about three days. I have no real plans other than fitting in as many bon fires as you can in a week.

This year everything feels bittersweet. Though I am glad it’s spring break soon; this is the last spring break I’m going to have with the people I went to high school with. Who knows where everyone is going to move and if keeping in touch via myspace or texting will be enough. I know that everyone goes through this; but that doesn’t make it any less personal to every single person who goes through it. I feel like everyone else in the class of 2009 knows exactly what they’re doing and has everything all under control except for me.I have all the people in the world to help me; My sister who is currently going through college– my parents– my Aunt Regina who is also going through college. I have all of the resources I need to get started, I’m just unsure of how to use them.  It’s like walking into a gym having all the machines you need and can’t figure out how to position your body to make the work out effective.  I feel lost and alone. Normally I’m very sure of myself and it turns my world upsidown knowing that I’m sliding in the middle of a transition. It makes me irritable and tired. I can’t wait for summer.. but I don’t want high school to be over.


2 Responses to “2.) Is This The Way It’s Suposed To Feel?”

  1. Richard Nixon Says:

    I’m the same way. Funny how you hear Vitamin C’s graduation song, and it never means anything to you until you’re actually there. And I never thought I would cry at Grease, either…

    Haha. Its a new adventure. I’m not thinking any further into it, lest I want a major breakdown. (^_^)

    • annalz09 Says:

      I know! The lyrics to “We Go Together” never sounded so sad! I’m trying my best not to let the whole graduation thing overwhelm me, but it creeps into my thoughts now and again.

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