3.) I Said Yes

Today was the best day I’ve had in weeks. I slept in late and still had enough time to get ready and go to school, and  (here’s the kicker) I got asked to prom by the best person in the best way imaginable. Here’s how it went:

I woke up this morning VERY late and had to drive myself to school instead of the usual carpool (sorry environment) anyway… I called my love to see where he was in the building and he tells me not to go into the school by means of our usual route. So I went the other way, to tired to argue. As the day went on, I could tell something was up because  Zachary kept making odd requests like: “QUICK! close your eyes and don’t open them until I say” and “don’t go into the prop room”. Silly things. Anyways by the end of the day I was anxious beyond belief to find out what was going on. So the last bell rings for everyone to go home and Zachary says: “We have to go somewhere”. And he leads me to the Auditorium. (Our second hour and where we had spent most of our time for the past week)  When we get to the lobby, he has me close my eyes and then he leads me onto the stage. All the sudden I hear music and I open my eyes to see 8 little boxes on some platforms :) These 8 boxes are carved and painted black with different words saying “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” The words were illuminated with rope lights so the letters were highlighted with reds and greens. Above me were spinning disco lights that made circles dance all around, and as he turned me to him to retrieve his answer I gave him a small yes, with a small tear of happiness streaming down my face.

It’s amazing how much magic can still be in a relationship after almost two years have gone by. He’s still my one and only prince charming, and I’m still living in a fairytale everytime I see him.


3 Responses to “3.) I Said Yes”

  1. September Nightfire Says:

    Holy crap! A tear even came to my eye! That’s so sweet! I just decided to live my life vicariously through you. Because that shit doesn’t happen in my world. In my world, I talk the boy into taking me to prom then he wins a limo package, but changes his mind about taking me at the last minute. OR I go with someone who smokes themselves retarded at the dance and refuses to dance with me or even tell me I look nice because my dress is too big. Fuckers. I’m so glad you have met someone so caring and awesome! I approve! haha But don’t think you’re going to bang him after prom. No Way. My big-sister instincts tell me it’s too stereotypical and your dad might actually cut a throat if he finds out..

    –Be good little internet sister,

    • annalz09 Says:

      Believe me when I say I too have met and dated Mr. I like you, but I also like her, Mr. You’re only pretty enough when I’m high, Mr. oh, this isn’t going to work out, Why? cause you fight back. But I let those bastards and their less than pleasing memories go. I haven’t mentioned them, or their unimportant names in years. You deserve the best. YOU deserve Mr. never misses a chance to say I love you, Mr. you’re tired? let ME cook dinner, Mr. appreciation for everything you do.
      I love you big internet sister<3 *virtual hug*

      ha, and thank you for the after prom activities advice!


  2. Richard Nixon Says:

    Awwww! That is beautiful. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life. (^_^)

    And I told my date that he was taking me to prom, so there would be no confusion about it and so that he didn’t have a chance to ask Jeff.

    haha. ily Anna!

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