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4.) Mental Health Day


You know those days when you wake up and you just feel all the things that you have to get done all around you. Slowly swallowing all other thoughts and motivations? I had one today, I call those days “Mental Health” days. This is when you stay home and get all of the things done that have been eating your other thoughts. Things like:

1.) Laundry – simple enough, yet when the pile of cloths is almost as tall as you it’s a little overwhelming
2.) Dishes – My father is remodeling our kitchen and the simplest of things like doing the dishes makes it look cleaner than it really is at the moment.
3.) Trash – Taking the trash to the street is something I forget almost every week. I know this because I hear about it for hours when Thursday rolls around
4.) Clean Bedroom- This was the biggest obstacle to overcome on my list. I meant business with this task; under the bed, in cy closets and through my drawers.
5.) Vacuum- This was especially important because of the remodeling going on in the kitchen. If one room is remodeled, the whole house goes down with it.
6.) Wash the dog- Poor puppy…
7.) Buy Zach’s birthday gift! – UGH his b day is in a day and I finally got my finances together enough to get him a decent present.
8.) Clean bathroom- I mean really scrub — the tub — the sink — the counter the whole nine yards.

I would have came home from school, took two glaces at my list and laughed. From there I would grab a seat on the couch and let the feelings swallow my thoughts; each minute that tickedĀ  by sending me further and further into maddness. Adn for asĀ  dramatic as THAT all sounds, I’m glad I took a mental health day.

Now it’s time to relax and go to sleep<3